Space for Rent and Upcoming Classes

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The pandemic has taken its toll on many small businesses, including our own Peterborough Living Yoga. This space has been a sanctuary and a fertile ground for many transformations. With much contemplation, we have decided to stay the course and give re opening a try, with some registered classes and workshops.  As well, with a shift in teacher availability, we have quite a bit of empty space, some evenings, many daytimes and weekends. So, we are calling out to any yoga teachers or wellness practitioner who are looking for a space to teach in (physical distancing fits about 8 for yoga). Finding renters is a key part of making this re opening plan possible, financially. Contact us if you are interested!

Covid 19 Pandemic Precautions and the Way Forward – Classes Starting Soon

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Your safety and well being is our priority. We understand how important Yoga practices are for supporting stress resilience, immune function, community, and over all wellness, and so we are moving forward in the following way…

*We are limiting class numbers to ensure physical distancing, therefore we are no longer offering 10 Class Series or Unlimited, only Registered Series, and Workshops.  If you had a membership with us that was active when the studio closed, please contact us to discuss your options.

*If you are sick or have any Covid 19 symptoms, have traveled to high risk areas, or have been exposed to the virus, please stay at home.

*Bring your own props Yoga mat(s), blanket, and anything else that you prefer for practice, including a full water bottle. Our props are available if needed, and will be either sanitized or quarantined after use, but we encourage you to bring your own.

*The studio will be cleaned and sanitized often.

*We are increasing time in between classes to ensure physical distancing and adequate time for cleaning.

*Masks are worn as you enter and leave, or move about the space, (Unless you are exempt). When you settle on your mat, you may remove it.

*We are using a industrial HEPA air filter daily to help clean the air.

Tiina Kivinen Blog

As Ontario enters Stage 3, we are now technically allowed to reopen. As excited as we are to see you, we will be taking it slow in order to integrate best practices. In the spirit of yoga, not rushing and moving mindfully…and with heart.

It has been a potent time, with so much learning and deepening. Stepping away from the day to day has brought much to the surface that needs to integrate. I am looking forward to re connecting soon at the studio, and in the mean time, will have more outdoor yoga classes this summer. Locations of Peterborough, Lakefield, and Marmora, at pop up dates and times. Contact us for more information.

If you are a yoga teacher or holistic guide looking for space for your next offerings, do let me know, as the space will be available for renters before we officially open as Peterborugh Living Yoga.

~ much love, and I leave you with this quote from the book I am taking to read by the lake on my holiday this week!


“Many myths tell us that we will find ourselves, from time to time, alone and separated from all that is familiar. How we use these times will affect the richness of our return. We can come back to the world thickened, deepened, and opened by our time in silence and solitude. Those who undertake the full journey into their grief come back carrying medicine for the world”
(Francis Weller, ‘Wild Edge of Sorrow’)

Support for you during Covid 19 pandemic

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Yoga for Resilience; 5 Elements ONLINE Course

with Tiina Kivinen

Sign up anytime here!

5 weeks, 5 Online Yoga Class videos, 5 Recorded Meditations or Yoga Nidras, plus extra content for self inquiry and resilience, join anytime.

This online course is intended to support you during this time of stress and uncertainty, with the Covid 19 Pandemic. We are all facing changes and challenges, and this can be difficult to navigate. Yoga and meditation offer support for the mind, body, and nervous system during times of stress. Techniques and practices from the yoga tradition can be integrated into your day to day, to support wellness for all levels of your being (mind, body, emotions, spirit). As well, as the world is changing, we have the potential to catalyze healthy changes in our inner and outer worlds. We are being called upon to source inner resilience, which is a natural part of who we are.

We, and our planet, are made up of the 5 Elements, and each element has much to teach us about our natural resilience. This course will consist of 5 weeks, each week you will receive an online Yoga Practice (gentle to moderate, all levels), which includes postures, meditation, relaxation and breath connection, as well as an online guided Meditation or Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep relaxation meditation), as well as other tips and practices for self inquiry and resilience. The 5 Elements provide the map for this inquiry. The online format allows you to practice at home and create new routines and rhythms. You can start this course anytime!

Earth – Ground and Stabilize

Water – Flow and Adapt

Fire – Transform and Regenerate

Air – Expand and Open

Spirit  – Trust and Surrender

Online Yoga Classes for you!

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We are excited to contribute to the online world of Yoga Class offerings through our Youtube Channel, Living Yoga and Hypnotherapy with Tiina Kivinen. We encourage you to subscribe, comment, and enjoy!

We are aware that so many amazing resources are available online for free, and we are committed to offering free content as well. However, if you are able, a donation is encouraged, which helps us to navigate the challenges of our in person business closure.

Please consider giving what you are able. We have suggested  a few options, and Pay What You Want is available as well.

Make your donation here!

Thank you, from our hearts!

Covid 19 Update

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We are now pausing all classes until further notice. Please check back for details and online classes!!


Stay safe and be well,


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Heart of Practice Retreat this Spring!

Tiina Kivinen Blog

with Tiina Kivinen, Fraser Mcdonald, and friends

Lotus Heart Retreat Centre, Brighton ON (less than an hour from Peterborough, accessible to Ottawa, Kingston, Toronto)

Date and Time: Friday, April 24 – Sunday,  April 26, (Check-in 4 pm or after on Friday, Check out 2 pm Sunday)

Price: Early Bird (Until February 15): $130+ HST (Deposit)

Regular: $150+ HST (Deposit)

Price for accommodation and food, paid to Lotus Heart Centre: $300+ HST, Private rooms have a $50 fee for the weekend.

*Accommodations and food are paid for separately, through the Lotus Heart Centre. The full price for the retreat is similar to previous retreats, but we are splitting up the fee, in order to be in compliance with the Travel Industry Council of Ontario.

Join us this Spring for a weekend immersion in the heart of practice. Located at the beautiful and tranquil Lotus Heart Retreat Centre in the Brighton area. This retreat is for those with all levels of experience with yoga.

Throughout the weekend, Tiina Kivinen and Fraser Mcdonald will hold space together, creating a retreat container for wisdom and connection to emerge from your own inner experience. Within this container of sacred space and intention, you will experience a variety of practices, including Yoga, Meditation, Thai Chi, Pranayama (breathwork), Yoga Nida (yogic sleep meditation), Japa and live music kirtan (chanting). We are excited to welcome guest musicians for Kirtan as well!Our intention for this retreat is to foster a space to deepen current practices, cultivate new practices for inspiration, or simply rest within the space of being and see what emerges. Connecting into the heart of our practice, we have the potential to bring a felt sense of the infinite, into our bodies, minds and hearts. Together as a community, we create space for wisdom, clarity, and spirit to arise from within. Community forms as we connect and create, self-care deepens with a focus on compassion and curious contemplation, and the heart brightens with music, chanting, movement, and expression.

The weekend will include:

  • 2 nights stay in a lovely retreat centre, private and shared accommodation
  • Delicious and nourishing vegetarian meals, with our favourite caterers, Lush Earth
  • Inspired Yoga and meditation classes and workshops for deepening your practice, with Fraser Mcdonald, Tiina Kivinen and guest musicians
  • Spacious time to just be

Tiina Kivinen 

Tiina has over 15 years of experience guiding yoga experiences, retreats, and trainings. She has specialization in a variety of yogic modalities. See her full bio and trainings here.

It is one of her passions in life to come together with others, in the spirit of Yoga, self-inquiry, healing, and connection. Tiina loves curating retreat experiences that deepen our experience of Yoga in transformational ways, cultivating practices and ways of being that support thriving in life. Holding space alongside Fraser is a dream come true, as he is a truly wonderful friend and teacher!

Fraser Mcdonald 

Fraser has been practicing and teaching yoga, tai-chi, and meditation for over 18 years. In 2010 he fell in love with Kirtan or meditative chanting, and at the request of his then teacher, he has been leading chants ever since. He has studied, chanted, and offered classes and retreats across Canada, as well as in India and Europe.

These practices have helped him heal from two serious accidents, manage chronic pain, and most importantly, they have revealed a space of profound peace within his own heart. Depending on the need, or joy, of the moment, he has explored everything from the gentlest to most vigorous styles of yoga, as well as many different meditation paths and teachers.

There truly is a yoga, tai chi, and meditation practice for everyone. It is his great love to study these different forms and to offer practices that are intuitively tailored to whoever joins his classes and retreats.

He also offers Bio-Dynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy, which can be profoundly helpful for relaxing and nourishing the nervous system, as well as bringing health to the physical, emotional, mental, and energetic bodies.


Winter Yoga for All

Trent Rhode Blog

This winter, join us at Peterborough Living Yoga, for practices that nourish and inspire. We have classes of all styles, for all levels of experience, here on our weekly class schedule.

You are always welcome to Drop In to our weekly classes, no registration needed. The drop in investment is only $15 + HST , and we take cash, cheque, or etransfer.  As well, you are invited to join us using a Studio 10 Class Series. 10 Classes in 3 months from purchase, choosing from any of the weekly classes. This series is Family Friendly, meaning, you are welcome to share it with family members! We also have 2 or 3 Month Unlimited, for those who aspire to come to more than one class per week; this is your best, more affordable option for regular classes when you attend two or more classes per week.


Lakefield Yoga Classes – Winter Session!

Trent Rhode Blog

Yoga in Lakefield, Tuesday and Thursday Mornings

Winter Session at 57 Bridge St. Lakefield ON

This winter, both Tuesday and Thursday classes will be guided by Sasha Lambrinos, with Tiina Kivinen returning for the next session, on Tuesday mornings!

Date and Time: Tuesdays 10 – 11:30 am, 10 weeks, January 7 – March 10, and Thursdays 10 – 11:30am, January 9 – March 12

Price: Tuesdays, $155 + HST, Thursdays, $155 + HST, or both classes for the discount of $280 + HST  – or contact us for Pro rated options!

*if you register for one of the sessions, we do not offer make up classes!

Drop in: $20 (HST included) Cash or cheque only for Drop in (written to Living Yoga Peterborough)

Our Lakefield classes are 90 min in length, and always include compassionate guidance in Yoga postures, breathing, and meditation. Nourishing for those with experience in Yoga, and accessible and inclusive for those with little to no experience as well! All are welcome.

You are welcome to bring your own yoga mat and blanket, although we have yoga mats and blocks for use.